Quality Control

No matter where you are or what your piping need, we work together to deliver exceptional performance. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we adhere to the latest quality standards with a core emphasis to customer needs and satisfaction. Our products meet all international standards, such as ISO, API & ASME are ably supported by an efficient procurement and project management team that is in constant touch with partnered manufacturers to provide the finest product choices at the most competitive price.

We are approved in all the oil majors, such as, SAUDI ARAMCO (and its affiliates), SHELL, ADNOC, GASCO, SABIC, Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO), Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), KNPC, Saudi Electric Company (SEC), MARAFIQ, and many more. Petroleum Solutions Trading Est Piping has maintained its position as a preferred choice by all the major EPCs and End Users from around the world with our supply portfolio spanning across six continents.

Petroleum Solutions Trading Est has established a system which ensures the final product is in line with the customer requirements. All the stages that affect product quality are fully monitored and controlled by equipped competent personnel. Petroleum Solutions Trading Est believes in professionalism when approaching customer needs. Care has been taken to ensure our clientele get value added services including, but not limited to, technical documentation/records/material testing as part of relevant material specification or special requirements.

With our collaboration with qualified laboratories we can perform any of the following tests on our supplied material when required by Project specifications:

Tensile test
Bending, Flattening, Flaring test
Hardness test
Impact test
Chemical analysis
Metallographic examination
Corrosion tests via Huey, Strauss, Pitting, Crevice, HIC, SSC and SWC etc.
Ultrasonic examination
Magnetic particle examination
Dye Penetrate testing
Final visual and dimensional examination